Rd Boutique

About Us

RDboutique offers a wide range of Angelus Paints and accessories for artist and sneaker enthusiasts. Our Mission is providing artists, hobbyists, and professionals with the tools and products needed to bring your creative visions to life. Angelus Brand’s assortment of premium paints, dyes, finishes, and shoe care products has made a significant impact in the creative and professional communities, particularly within the custom sneaker and leather goods industry. This impact reflects the brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality and effective products that meet the specific needs of artists and professionals in this niche. Quality and effectiveness are crucial factors when it comes to artistry and craftsmanship, and it’s evident that Angelus Brand places a strong emphasis on both. Our offered brand and dedication to serving the needs of its customers, whether they are artists or professionals, is a driving force behind its success. Roberta Diamond, CEO since 2017, is committed to ensure excellent Customer Service by providing the products and information to help customers fulfill their creative goals. We also offer Wholesale Products, should you wish to open an account for your business or for individuals looking to purchase large quantities. RDboutique appreciates your current and future purchases of all our fine Angelus acrylic paint products and accessories.

RDboutique thrives on serving the artistic and sneaker community. If there are any specific questions about the Angelus’ products or our mission that you’d like to explore further, please feel free to contact us anytime as we’ll do my best to assist you.
Please reach out to us at info@rdboutique.com or Call Us at 516-537-8807.
We appreciate your continued support and wish you all continued success in all your creative endeavors!